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My Story

I believe in sharing what has tested you, not only for the testimony but also to display authority through experience.  I am Kadija Phillips a black woman living purposefully and helping professionals through the creation of workshops, worksheets, and consultations. Through my education I help business people, avoid catastrophes that could sabotage your success. I have studied up for your success by receiving a Bachelor of Science in Management, Certifying in Women's Entrepreneurship through Cornell, also certifying in Life Purpose and Entrepreneurship Coaching. Through my education I have grasped a great understanding of business foundations, and I would love to share with you. 

Make a commitment to yourself and your dreams, invest in the knowledge you need to further your business. Book your consult today, to get more information about how we can work together at your pace.

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" Life is a journey, requiring you to live moment by moment to understand and appreciate each person's legacy"

-Kadija Phillips

K. Angel Careers Children's Book Cover

K. Angel Careers 

Created to inspire a new generation of change. K. Angel is an African American female officer honoring the life of Kaliah Harper, a Richmond, Ca police officer with a community policing approach. 

“K. Angel Signs” is an infant/toddler book that teaches all its readers basic American Sign Language signs such as please, sorry, eat, and help as well as the ASL Alphabet. "Signs" gives children an alternative way to communicate at a nonverbal stage within their life.

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