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E-readers vs. print books

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

There are so many changes to the way people can now enjoy their literature. A story can be enjoyed from a paperback book, an application on your e-reader, and even an audiobook. Out of these options, what do you prefer the most for your reading activities?

E-readers are convenient and with our current age of technology, easier to download and use while you have a charge. There are many benefits to e-readers especially if you want to get your hands on something quickly.

Audiobooks are great for those on the go. Most audiobooks can be anywhere from 5-15 hours of listening time. I believe it is a great option, especially for those who really are not into reading but into. learning. An amazing resource is Youtube, you can find so many free books right now.

My preference is print books, and it may be the nostalgia of holding the book in hand and being able to highlight, add notes, and easily recall information from important parts of the story. I love to hold, flip through the pages and become one with the book I am reading. I love to get special bookmarks, that allows me to pick up where I left off.

Which ever way you prefer to read, lock in with yourself and keep your reading time consistent.

No matter your preference it is important for you to understand your reading preference as well as the style of others around you. The understanding of reading preferences may enhance the relationship, to bring nonreaders and bibliophiles together. It's all about working with your strengths to ultimately keep up to date and explore new knowledge.

Kadija Phillips is recognized as a purpose-led writer and community advocate. As a professional, she believes in education being the leading way to gain and share knowledge. Kadija has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management, Certifying in Women's Entrepreneurship through Cornell, and also certified in Life Purpose and Entrepreneurship Coaching. Through education, a great understanding of business foundations has been gained with the mindset to make information digestible and absorbent for all.

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