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How to stay inspired and encourage others can do the same?

I stay inspired by remembering where I used to be, the trials and tribulations that I used to have, I take a reflective moment a be grateful for where I am now and then I look toward what I see for myself in the future. I see my family continuing to thrive along with my marriage and incorporating my Lord and Savior Jesus in everything that I do. In my future I see myself helping business people share their stories and speak their truth. Allowing others to be honest about their experience and the narrative of our real past and divine future. Helping people live a purposeful and fulfilled life. This is what I aspire for my life and future. I stay inspired by envisioning all of what I want because I know it is possible.

Staying inspired comes from looking deep from within. Checking what your true intention is and how your actions can and will affect others. Taking a look at nature, a system that needs no human help to thrive is another way to stay inspired, there is so much beauty in the world. Witnessing the truth in the youth is also a way to stay inspired, witnessing some of the vitals moments that sculpt youth, or witnessing hem in their element being free, is another way. Remembering your youth, is key as well, what did you use to dream about? What made you smile?

Take a walk

Do a breathing exercise

Look out a window

Visit a coffee shop

Go to a library

Visit a local park


Take some time for you

Research a supporting topic

Send a nice message to someone you haven't spoke to in a while

There are so many ways to stay creative and inspired, to speak life into others and yourself, so tell me, how do you stay inspired?

Written by Kadija Phillips

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