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How to keep focused during long writing sessions?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Long writing sessions can be so draining. It's the balance between knowing your voice needs to be heard and finding a way to accurately relay it. Your words have power and your strength is in your story. So how will you use your power to influence and boost productivity as a writer? How can you stay focused on the message and deliver it right on time? Stay away from distractions.

Distractions are anything that would make you reword something that you were thinking of writing. When in a writing session the priority would be to stay connected with the flowing thoughts.

What's your most productive environment? Is there any space within your home, or a local spot that keeps your juices flowing? First, you must understand where you get the most done in your life. If you are a person that likes to listen to music, I try with no words. Instrumental music can set a really great mood because have you ever been in the middle of writing something and you hear something in a song that triggers you to start writing it down? That's a dangerous game teetering between what you want to write and what you are hearing. Your thoughts are essential and the ones that were meant to be developed.

Sitting in silence helps fill the room with your own thoughts. I can sit in silence, in the car, in the house, anywhere while others struggle with it. I highly recommend silence because it's a space where you can let your mind lead. Creating your own world through your introspection.

High-Frequency meditation sounds are also proven to stimulate your mind and can be very beneficial for sleep. This type of music or sounds are usually, bowls, symbols, light horns, and other natural sounds.

Nature can help with creativity because observing natural habitats open your mind to alternative perspectives. Nature is beautiful and is pivotal to thriving ecosystems needing no help.

Honestly just stay as far away from your phone as possible. The phone brings so much distraction and just one look at it can make you remember what you needed to do on it, and not during your writing time. Long Sessions need structure and using a template to help you organize your writing intentions is invaluable.

These are all preferences and many different options should be tried until you find your own niche. Tracking where, how many words and the location of your writing is very important so that the information can be tracked and you know what is optimal for you. Check out our word count tracker to get started organizing your writing today.

Check out this 30-minute instrumental to support your writing and carve out some much-needed time for you.

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