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Organizing your Bookshelf

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Tips and tricks on how to organize your book shelf.
Organize those books or get rid of them!

Being a bibliophile is hard work. A bibliophile is a book collector or someone who has a great love of books. As a lover of books, it is important to the books organized, and easy to recall their location. Organizing your bookshelf is very important for personal reference, what's the point of all the books if you can't find them. The important question is how do you want to find your books? In your book collection do you organize by title, author name, color coordination or genre.

I have a very large book collection and organize my bookshelf by genre/categorization. I use each of my selves for a genre, for example I used a system that makes sense to me, my Christian books are at the top because God is at the top of my life. At the absolute bottom are text books, mainly because I have children who love to touch my books, so making the books at the bottom the heaviest for least access was my logic. I have a shelf for business, entertainment, self-help and a shelf of cook books. I found this way was the most beneficial for me because I do occasionally loan out books and I need to be able to find them quickly. Because of the connection to my books, it is at times very difficult for me to let go of books, but it is imperative to share knowledge.

Create your own system that works for you, so that you can easily recall or loan out books that include the good information. Reading and recalling where did you put that book is key so let's get organized.

What is your system for organizing your books?

What system do you use for your library?

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Thank you for your participation!

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