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What is your relationship with rejection?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

This man is chillin' while being rejected because only time will tell. Rejection needs a mindset shift.
Stay calm during rejection

When hearing the word rejection, what do you associate this word with? Rejection has a negative connotation, but rejection the way is about one’s mindset. Elevated relationships with rejection can be victorious, potentially painful, yet never creating insecurities.

With a mindset shift about rejection, it would feel more like "not yet", "not the right time" but ultimately "God has something better" for you. Now I truly believe, what God has for me cannot be taken away by any force. When rejection comes, note the experience, have your feelings and learn from it; feel ok, and continue to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself and manifestation will attract all the good meant for you, when the timing is right.

How you handle rejection?

Take a moment to take a deep breath, and understand that life is not about one moment but a series of moments, use your moments wisely and take a moment to learn and grow.

Every opportunity is not for you, every person is not for you, rejection is a blessing.

Kadija Phillips is recognized as a purpose-led writer and community advocate. As a professional, she believes in education being the leading way to gain and share knowledge. Kadija has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management, Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate through Cornell, and is also certified in Life Purpose and Entrepreneurship Coaching. Through education, a great understanding of business foundations has been gained with the mindset to make information digestible and absorbent for all. Find out more at

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