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What does your Workspace say about You?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

A workspace is a place that has first hand experience with productive and creative moments as well as the lack luster. If your workspace could talk, what would it say? Most of the time I work from a desk, that's my workspace, my desk would say, "what you see here is a direct reflection of what is going on in the inside of her brain."

My desk area has supported me through some of the most serious of timelines and tells the truth about my status. How do I get my desk back gleaming? First, wiping everything down with a sanitizing wipe or solution, getting any area that is touched at all, also don't judge me, I do eat at my desk. That's why it is important for me to be in a space I love, so I also wipe additionally with a nice productive essential oil scent like mint, eucalyptus, and/or lemon. Also another crucial yet laborious tasks is re-stacking and reorganizing documents by priority, with post it notes and color tabs to distinguish the difference. I find joy in keeping my desk arranged, it makes me feel like I am ready to take on the world.

Workspace to me is a place where you let your creative juices flow. This space can be found anywhere, the floor, the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, your bedroom, your favorite corner, a flower bush, a brick wall, it doesn't matter.

Make your magic happen where ever. As long as no harm is done to other living beings, enjoying your creativity and displaying it should be done in a form that's moving to yourself and others. The world is your workspace.

Keep the world clean, your mind free and make every space you enter better when you leave. This is how you continually empower yourself through your workspace, peacefully to trigger the change necessary to create the projects that will change the world.

Activity Take a picture of your workspace right now and ask yourself what am I reflecting? Also show someone else and see what they think, as a business person you always want to be sending good vibes.

Kadija Phillips is recognized as a purpose-led writer and community advocate. As a professional, she believes in education being the leading way to gain and share knowledge. Kadija has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management, Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate through Cornell, and is also certified in Life Purpose and Entrepreneurship Coaching. Through education, a great understanding of business foundations has been gained with the mindset to make information digestible and absorbent for all. Find out more at

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