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What were your Library Memories?

There are so many different ways a love for reading can begin. Having a true love allows you to recall very fond memories of a person, place or space. As an official bibliophile, I can recall very particular memories about the library. The library has always felt like a very safe space, a space where one can let their thoughts free. A special characteristic of the library is first, the smell, slightly stale and in need of ventilation but also a smell I will always attribute to intellect. If I was blindfolded and was taken into a library (not a bookstore) I would know exactly where I was, guaranteed. The scent of pages, so many pages of paper from so many decades, generations and even centuries.

The sound of a library to me, is peace and silence, something I never appreciated until I could truly respect the sounds that filled my mind; until I could respect the work it took for those books to make it to those shelves. As a black woman in America it is a privilege for me to even be able to pick up a book and read, when my ancestors were forbidden to do so. In my family, my grandmother was the first one to learn to read. Writing and reading is a right that I will never take for granted, and being a person to create the content that others read will continue to guide me.

In the library I created greatness from elementary working on the school year book, to college writing and studying for some of my most crucial collegiate moments. Now, becoming a mother and instilling the love of reading to my children is imperative. One message overall I feel is that the library is a safe place and one will always be able to go for peace no matter what age and stage you are in, in life.

What are some of your best memories in the library?

Written by Kadija Phillips

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