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High Functioning Entrepreneur, peep this...

Entrepreneurship is a very interesting lifestyle. There are many roles and responsibilities that have to be taken on for operations. There's a chance that you may be newly learning and adding to your entrepreneur resume.

Especially as a solopreneur, there's an expectation that you will be dipping in and out of, website design, email list formation, creative design, social media manager, and so much more. The tasks can be very difficult for your personal skillset, and also expensive to hire out. The enlightenment you receive from learning and understanding new ideas regarding metrics will create the longevity of your business, and well worth the work. Here are some free versions, and recommended resources.

Some resources to help further your success:

Google Drive, because of the free storage. Documents can be uploaded to the drive and saved, also a link can be created for easy downloading documents to be stored or saved. The documents can also be, what you have created to be purchased.

Canva is a great site for design. This site allows for so many design options. The free version is amazing, though it is more beneficial to have the Pro version depending on how deep you are getting with design.

Youtube, is an entrepreneur's best friend. Any topic you are looking to deeper dive into has already been laid out for you on this platform. Youtube gives set by step directions and even a place to start to find necessary resources on your journey. There are also full audiobooks that are available through the site so check Youtube first because you may be surprised by what you find.

Capcut for all of your upgraded editing needs. This application is a user-friendly way to prepare videos to be equipped with music, voiceover and more.

Library Application (Libby) to listen to audiobooks as well as check out library books for free. This resource opens up so many possibilities to access of information.

Asana is great for project management, especially if you want to include others. It allows for a virtual vision board for your success, with the ability to add, pictures, links, and videos all to the same board.

WordHippo to expand your vocabulary and express what you really mean. Communication is key when connecting with others so check out some alternative word choices to reach new audiences.

Blue Social, A safe and friendly way to connect with people in proximity. A scannable business card that can be scanned through a QR Code or phone camera tap area. it's a business card you only have to purchase one time, and feels like a continually giving investment. The system also delivers your metrics of recent connections, for personal goals.

Find Copyright-Free (shareable) Information cross your platforms to not infrige anyones copyright works. Images and videos used from the internet should also be copyright free to avoid copyright infringements and lawsuits. The site Unsplash can be used for images while Pexel can be used for copyright-free videos.

These new resources should help develop a familiarity with entrepreneur expectations. Let us know which resource stepped your game up.

Social entrepreneur curating diverse space through community engagement, positive reinforcement with youth, and integrity-driven stakeholder outreach initiatives. Recognized as a community propeller that establishes partnerships with community/neighborhood organizations and constructs programs from initial vision through execution. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Management and Certified in Women's Entrepreneurship cultivating the minds of creatives. Through education, a great understanding of business foundations, a goal to grow the mindsets of creatives while making the information digestible and absorbent for all. Visit where all creatives are welcome.

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